Scott Metzger, March 27

We have about 3,000 acres with my uncle, two cousins and I. We grow corn, wheat and soybeans. We have some creek bottom ground that gets pretty gravelly and dry in the summer when it doesn’t rain. We also have some creek bottom fields that are some of our best ground. You can go across the field and find seven different soil types in one round — anything from tight clay to black dirt and everything in between. We do not irrigate but we are looking into it.

We have gotten our moisture back up from last summer. Our tile lines are finally running. I am a little worried about our wheat for as warm as the winter was.  We had a good bit of burn on it from the frost. I don’t think it is hurt much but it sure does look ugly and droopy.

When you are out working in your t-shirt for a week in February it is kind of odd. When it was warm, my son got bitten by a couple of mosquitoes and we saw all sorts of bugs flying. We actually pulled a couple of ticks off our dog in February. We have had some cold weather but it didn’t stay cold very long. I think we could have big issues with bugs this year.

We’ll double-crop every acre of our wheat. Our goal is to be done cutting wheat and finish planting double-crop beans on the same day — by July 1. We plant a couple hundred acres of seed wheat and we’ll cut that wet and dry it down, then go into the rest of the wheat. That gives us a jumpstart.

We’re going to get our first shot of 28% on the wheat here soon. We split apply and then come back for a second shot closer to planting corn.

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