Glen Newcomer, April 10

There is no doubt that the weather we had last week had an impact on doing any field operations in northwest Ohio. With the rain we received, it will be at least 10 days before we will be in a position to do tillage or planting. We received about 2.5 inches of rain. It wasn’t just the volume of rain it was also the intensity. Now there are areas that are ponding and will take longer to dry out.

Overall, the wheat crop looks very healthy in our area. It is handling the spring weather extremely well and it’s off to a great start. The wheat that is out there looks extremely healthy to me and there is tremendous potential there. If those farmers follow through with appropriate fungicide and insecticide applications there should be a tremendous wheat crop in front of us.

As a result of the rain, my main concern will be application of pre-emerge herbicides for the soybean acres. There are many winter annual weeds that have emerged with the favorable weather and warmer temperatures we’ve had. You can see purple deadnettle pretty commonly in areas where no-till was performed. Where we did apply herbicide last fall there is a tremendous difference. I wish we had applied more fall herbicides. All of the winter annuals are off to a healthy start and it will require attention before planting.

Most farmers in our area are anxious to get started. My concern is that farmers will get too anxious and put more emphasis on the calendar than on the actual soil conditions. Soil compaction is the most yield-limiting factor we can control this time of year. I want to be very cautious on our approach but when the time comes, we will be pushing very hard.

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