Scott Metzger, April 10

It is a beautiful day. It’s pretty windy and that is helping dry things out. All of our tile lines are running and I think we are at full capacity now with our water table. We had around two inches the end of last week and for the month of April already we’re between 3.5 and 4.5 inches around the farm. We’re pretty well saturated.

We did get the 28% on a couple of weeks ago. If the wind dies down I’ll try to run the Harmony Extra on the wheat and then next weekend get the next shot of 28% on. Most of our wheat this year is planted on our tiled farms so ponding hasn’t been an issue. It sure has taken off. It is at the joint stage right now, which is a week or 10 days ahead. It is looking pretty good. Hopefully we don’t have any more cold nights from here on out.

As soon as the ground gets fit we’ll start working ground and getting 28% and the chemical on. We’ll probably start no-tilling beans. Things will work differently this year because we we will have someone around to run the bean planter the same time we’re planting corn. Because of that, the bean burndown will probably go on earlier than normal. Then we’ll get the corn planter going and then start with the beans. Normally we have most of the corn done before we plant many beans.

We’ve got everything ready to go for this spring and I am feeling better about heading into 2017 than I was in 2016. The economics of everything are still on my mind in terms of the general agricultural economy. We’d like to see better prices and hopefully the Administration can get something going with trade.

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