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Ohio livestock & poultry farmers applaud congressional support of the GLRI

The Ohio Pork Council, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Poultry Association and the Ohio Dairy Producers Association announced their appreciation of the Ohio Delegation for their continued support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI). This announcement follows a statement issuing support of GLRI funding amid budget discussions.

The livestock and poultry groups issued the below statement regarding their appreciation and support of the GLRI:

“As previously stated, the quality of the Great Lakes has, and will, remain a top priority of ours today, and for generations to come. As such, we recognize that many GLRI-funded projects have been responsible for the improvements, and preventative measures, made to the Great Lakes in recent years.

We applaud Senator Portman and Senator Brown for their leadership throughout GLRI budget discussions, and appreciate all elected officials for putting aside their differences to support this important issue.

While we recognize this is a step in the right direction, Ohio livestock and poultry farmers will continue to remain committed to being good stewards of the Great Lakes, and promote cleaner, safer water for our families, friends and neighbors.”

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