Ohio’s Crop Progress — May 8, 2017

Rain and Flooding Impede Field Work

Heavy rains continued throughout the week, preventing nearly all field work and leading to ponding in some fields. There were 0.7 days suitable for fieldwork in Ohio during the week ending May 7, according to Cheryl Turner, Ohio State Statistician with the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. There was little progress made on planting corn, soybean, and oats due to the inability of growers to enter soggy fields. Corn and oats saw some emergence, though the cold temperatures have delayed larger scale emergence. Fields with tiling and managed drainage fared somewhat well with the rainfall, but other fields have had significant ponding issues. Growers are concerned that there may be need for significant replanting of corn fields due to the cold and wet conditions.

Corn planted was at 46%, a 4 point rise from the week before. Corn emerged made a 7 point jump across the week.

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