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Brandon Monebrake, June 12

We’re dry. We need rain. Everything is planted and it is all up. We finished the last day of May. That was a little ahead of a lot of people around here who had a lot more to replant.

We had about 17 acres of replant and some touching up here and there. That is terrific considering what we were originally thinking. We thought we’d have to replant the original 350 acres we planted. It all came up but it took it 27 days to get out of the ground. It actually looks pretty good. That 17 acres we replanted, it actually took 20 days to get up.

It is a strange year. The replant was all across the board. We have a neighbor who planted really early and it got frosted and everything else and it doesn’t look too bad. It was stunted for a little bit but our corn right across from it has caught up with it. Crops planted a little later needed to be replanted.

I am touching up where we have some Johnsongrass around the fence lines with the sprayer and we have about 350 acres to sidedress yet. All of the corn is looking pretty even and it all needs rain. All of the beans are up now and they look terrific. We couldn’t ask for better.

We had a tenth of an inch on June 2 at night and it wasn’t enough to lay the dust. We were getting nice showers when we needed them and then they just quit. They are calling for rain this week.

I am doing well with the pulling tractor this year. I’ve gotten a first a third and a fourth. I have three pulls next week. When going to pulls I get to see the crops. They have some bad crops from Union City into Indiana. There were fields with two- and three-acre bare spots. Hauling to Greenville on 127 they still have water standing in the fields and it hasn’t rained for a week and a half.

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