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Kill the SMALL weeds

Everyone remembers the challenges of 2016 as it relates to controlling Giant Ragweed and Waterhemp, unfortunately the volumes of seed returned to the seed bank.

We planned and prepared sound effective Resistance Fighter recommendations for our customers during the winter months to avoid repeating 2016.

We committed to the use of overlapping residual herbicides, with proper application timing and using multiple effective modes of action in those plans.  The weather has challenged us again in 2017 to the extent some of those residuals were applied after planting.  As we move into the early post season think about 2016 and remember the other monumental challenge we faced, which was applying herbicides to off-label weeds.  The target weed height is less than 4-6” weeds.  As temperature and moisture is adequate for growth, applications targeting Giant Ragweed and Waterhemp need to occur well in advance of the 4-6” height.


I implore you to be diligent to those plans created in the winter to avoid the reoccurrence of history.  Refer back to the photo below that having an extra Mode of Action in the tank on a POST trip will help with weed control.

Also, we should not forget the poor environmental conditions our 2017 corn crop has already experienced this spring.  Saturated soils, cool temperatures, and overcast days lead to many slow growing days resulting in compounding environmental stresses early.  These conditions could lead to stalk issues further down the road.  We had ideal conditions in late April and several days throughout the month of May for early disease infections.  So far in the month of June we have had many days of severe heat and dry weather stress.  These environments can potentially lead to crown rot and anthracnose stalk rot come harvest time.

Fungicide applications made to corn in the next few weeks starting at V4 through V8 can help control some of the early diseases, future inoculations, as well as help mitigate stress that the corn crop has already experienced.

Trivapro is the only fungicide in the corn market today that has two preventatives (Strobi & SDHI) and one curative (Triazole) Mode of Action.  This gives you a total of three unique ways to optimize your corn crop at this early stage.

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