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Ben Klick, Aug. 14

We aren’t dry but we are drier. We’re back to getting a couple of tenths of rain instead of getting a couple of inches of rain. That makes things more manageable.

We got a quarter inch of rain on Friday and that perked up the double-crop beans especially. We are very pleased with how things came out of this spring and crops are looking pretty good so far. If we can keep moisture for August and September I think we’ll be alright. We’re kind of hoping for a little more heat now.

Once we finally got the second crop of hay done, the third crop is coming really nice. We still have a second cutting of grass hay to make, but we usually only get a couple of cuttings out of that anyway. We are more flexible finally on the hay situation. Now we’re focused on side projects, moving cattle, moving manure and all that stuff.

We’re fully through with pollination. The first corn is very close to dent. In the last couple of years, we started chopping corn at the end of August but I think we’re more on schedule for a normal chopping time in September this year.

We sprayed insecticide on all of our bean acres and it was worth the money. I have heard about problems with frogeye and we haven’t seen any sudden death syndrome this year. Compared to what we had last year I think the yield will be a lot better. It can still get dry and things can change in a hurry, so I hope the rain continues and I’m excited to see what fall brings.

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