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Ben Klick, Aug. 28

Our crop adjuster is coming out to do yield reports this week for the corn silage. I hope he gives me very good news.

We’ve had less than a half-inch of rain in the last two weeks. We’re not hurting as much as some guys are. We have neighbors with corn ears hanging and it is not to black layer yet. We are crossing our fingers that we get some rain. If we get another two good rains I think it would do it. There was a good amount of corn around us planted late and that corn definitely needs a couple shots of rain.

We planted silage corn into June and it needs some rain and we planted beans up to June 3 and those still have flowers on them. A shot of rain would perk them up in a hurry.

It has helped that it hasn’t been too hot and our heavier ground holds moisture pretty well. Disease wise and insect wise we are sitting pretty well. There is a 90% chance of rain tonight into tomorrow. I am pretty sure we’ll get some rain this week because it is our fair week and we usually get rain once or twice during the fair.

I think harvest will be a little bit behind. In the last three years or so we’ve been shelling corn Oct. 1. We haven’t had a very wet August but we haven’t had a hot August either so I don’t know when harvest will be. Last year we were chopping corn silage this week and we are at least 10 days out from chopping corn this year. If we are cutting beans by the week after Farm Science Review I would be happy.

The double-crop beans are not too bad. They could definitely use a shot of rain too. They are almost canopied. The need for rain seems like it is statewide now.

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