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Brandon Monebrake, Aug. 14

We’d really like to have some rain. We’ve been dry for about three weeks. We had a tenth of an inch the last week of July and that’s it. The beans need rain badly right now. The corn is starting to fire up in some places. One of our corn varieties has some southern rust but we are going to take a chance on it and not spray because of how late it is. It is not that bad but you can find it. It could be a 10-bushel loss potentially and if it is really bad it could be 20 bushels. It is not that bad though. We’re just going with it. The rust is much worse in some of the neighboring corn fields. The neighbor has sprayed all of his corn locally because it was much worse there than we found in our corn.

I think we’ll be alright on corn. Beans, though, need some rain. The leaves are starting to roll up next to the house in the beans. They still have a good color and they are standing good but they look like they are starting to dry up. It has been three weeks since we’ve had a good measurable rain.

We haven’t seen many Japanese beetles and we haven’t seen damage from them yet. Over towards Greenville, though, we heard that the leaves have been covered in some fields but they haven’t been doing much damage yet.

It is supposed to rain this coming weekend, but it was supposed to rain this last weekend too and it didn’t. We have been missing the rains and we could definitely use some moisture to help with these beans.

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