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Brandon Monebrake, Aug. 28

We have been dry for the last two weeks. We had a sprinkle and that is it. They are calling for a couple of inches through today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

The dry conditions are starting to really show in the crops. Beans are starting to turn as they dry up a little bit. The corn is starting to fire up from the bottom, though it is time for it to start changing. The corn is pretty well done.

Hopefully this rain will catch some of our later beans and get them filling out a little longer. Some of the beans are too far along, though, for these rains to help.

The beans still mostly have a good color to them but they are starting to change on the hills. I think we’ll be running beans before the Farm Science Review.

Beans yields are not going to be what they could have been. They will not be what we thought they could be from the way they started growing. They took off and got the rains, but the rains quit and here we sit.

Everyone else around here is complaining about short beans. We have a bunch of different varieties and all of ours are tall. The shortest beans we have are about waist high and most of them are around chest high. Beans up at New Paris look pretty good.

Our latest corn is 112-day. I think it is about done. If you pull back the ears they look good, big and consistent. Corn yields in general look pretty good. We had that 17 acres we replanted this spring and it is caught up and looks as good as anything.

We got the pulling tractor ready and we’ll be pulling in Palestine next Monday.

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