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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — December 4, 2017

Ryan Martin 12-4-17

Strong winds will develop by midday today over almost all of Ohio.  These winds are ahead of a cold front that should sweep through tomorrow, starting very early tomorrow morning (shortly after midnight) and going through the mid to late afternoon. We should see clouds increase through this afternoon, but in a bit of good news this morning, we have no concern about any moisture in NW Ohio, which we did mention last time we talked last week.  The strong winds will be at least 15-30 mph sustained today, and will take temps well above normal one more time.

As we mentioned, the cold front comes through tomorrow and will bring precipitation from roughly 3 AM through mid tomorrow afternoon.  Action should be out of the state tomorrow before sunset and that means we are looking at about 12 hours’ worth of precipitation potential – that is about it. In that time we should see .25”-.75” rain totals with coverage at 80% of the state. The map above shows rain totals through tomorrow shortly after sunset. However, the upper end of the range likely is going to be very limited in scope, geographically.

Behind the front tomorrow night we will start to feel a dramatic change in temps. In fact, we are going to be heading to normal and below normal levels for the second part of the week. West winds will dominate for Wednesday, with a slightly more north component on Thursday. Still, most of the state will see sun hind and only a few clouds to finish the week as the colder air stair steps in. We do expect some lake effect snow potential all along the shore areas of Lake Erie on Thursday, but it should not extend very far inland.

The weekend and rest of the 10 day period also looks dry. High pressure will be in and we do see brutal cold for the weekend, with temps well below normal on Saturday and Sunday. But, we will be precipitation free. An upper level low moves in over the great lakes for next Thursday, the 14th, and it will bring some precipitation threats. We can see liquid potential of up to .5” over 80% of the state. We will have to wait until closer to the event to see what kind of air mass we are dealing with, but we would trend toward south flow allowing for rain to start and perhaps ending as snow. The rest of the extended period is mostly dry, with a mix of clouds and sun, and temps near to slightly below normal.


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