Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — April 25, 2018

Dry weather is reasserting itself over Ohio today. Clouds linger over the state through at least the first half of the day, but we should see sunshine eventually win out. The dry weather holds for tomorrow and most of Friday as well. Temperatures will be cool today, similar to yesterday, but should moderate some tomorrow and Friday.

Our front for Friday continues to look benign. We don’t think anything arrives here until late afternoon and likely evening. We won’t completely rule out moisture over the about 60%f of the state Friday night, but in general, it does not look all that impressive. Moisture totals will be anywhere from a few hundredths to .25”. The upper end of the aforementioned rain range will be in the north and northeast, and especially over Lake Erie.

Dry weather then settles in for this weekend and now looks like it could continue through most of next week. Our strong front that we expect to sweep across the Corn Belt comes into western areas like IA and MO on time on Tuesday, but it runs into a significant blockage and is slowed dramatically. WE may not see rain develop here until late in the week next week – maybe not until Friday afternoon! That will allow for a nice, useable planting window, if things continue to work toward that solution. The map above is a look at total rain potential from now through next Thursday.

We keep a chance of rain in for late next week, the 4th into the 5th, and will keep rain totals from the front at .25”-1”. In the extended period, a weak front brings up to .25” around the 7th, and another system can pop up near the 12th. But, the pattern is showing some good chances for activity between strong fronts going forward.

Temps will warm to normal and slightly above normal levels next week in early May as the dry weather unfolds.


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