Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — April 26, 2018

Dry today and a good part of tomorrow. Sunshine dominates here in the near term. We should see good drying weather today, with nice breezes from the southwest starting to kick in this afternoon.

We actually are able to squeeze a mostly dry Friday as well, as our next front waits until Friday evening. This front is not all that impressive, but the moisture associated with it has made a bit of a recovery this morning. WE like scattered showers breaking out Friday night, and then continuing just past sunrise on Saturday morning. We are keeping rain totals at a few hundredths to a quarter of an inch, but we are expanding coverage to nearly 80% of the state. We hope to see most of those areas stay in the far lower part of the range. This front is not tapped into an overwhelming moisture source, but still can bring a bit of rain and we need to watch it.

Dry weather sets up for the weekend and the first half of next week. Cooler air comes in behind the front tomorrow, so there will be a chilly start to Saturday, perhaps even pushing to near or below freezing for a bit. But we should see temps quickly rebound. Our next strong front has held together, while being delayed, and looks to bring rain mostly on Thursday. Some scattered showers may try and get into NW Ohio Wednesday night, closer to midnight, but the timing of the true fontal passage is not until Thursday. Rain totals remain at .25”-1” with coverage at 80% of the state. We think the chance of getting rain to hold off all the way to Friday is limited at this time. The map above is a snapshot of action on Thursday morning. Still, that allows for a nice dry window for nearly 5 days, depending on where you are at in the north and when we kick precipitation out of here tomorrow morning.

The extended forecast period, features minor chances of precipitation. We still have a weak front bringing up to .25” around the 7th, and another system can pop up around the 9th, before a stronger front closer to the 12th.

Temps will warm to normal and slightly above normal levels next week in early May as the dry weather unfolds.


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