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Pre-season maintenance tips tor grain storage systems

For farmers who didn’t perform basic maintenance of their grain storage system following the 2017 harvest, it’s better to tackle that work now rather than trying to fit it in later this season, said Gary Woodruff, conditioning applications manager for GSI.

He cited five of the most important steps:

  • Check all conveyor belts for proper tension and any needed repairs.
  • Inspect chain drives for tension and lubricate.
  • Remove any debris from inside and outside of the dryer, and clean the inside of the control box.
  • Lubricate all greaseable bearings on dryers, conveyors and other equipment.
  • Make sure safety cages are secure, and that all safety shields on motor drives and dump points are in good condition.

“Rusting and other machine deterioration occurs faster in warm weather,” Woodruff said. “A clean, lubed dryer or material handling piece of equipment will last longer and be ready for next fall.”

In addition to this basic work that farmers can handle on their own, Woodruff encourages them to contact their grain system dealer for additional pre-season maintenance that requires specialized expertise. A yearly or pre-season inspection by a dealer, he says, is great insurance against problems next fall.

“Breakdowns during harvest season can mean costly repairs and delays in drying and storing your grain,” he said. “Taking care of important maintenance and repairs now will ensure that your grain system is in good working order and ready for the 2018 harvest season.”

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