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New BPX9010 bale processor offers versatility

Today’s cattle producers need more from a bale processor — simplicity, durability and versatility. Vermeer took this list of needs and created the next step in their processor evolution with the new BPX9010 bale processor. This all-around bale processor is designed for a variety of applications including distributing a consistent, uniform windrow in the pasture or bunk line and spreading bedding with consistency at ranges up to 50 feet (15.2 meters).

“Livestock producers are embracing the use of bale processors — they want to find efficiencies in their operation and increase feed palatability,” said Shawn Wang, Vermeer product manager. “In order to enhance our current lineup of bale processors, we enhanced our existing BPX9000 design to now introduce the BPX9010 bale processor.”

The durable BPX9010 bale processor is designed with a direct drive system for less maintenance. An optional straight forks and powered sidewall kit gives producers the versatility to process bales both round and square. Additionally, the proven slat and chain bale rotation design allows bales to feed consistently into the rotor without the need for reverse rotation. The enhanced tub profile paired with toolless cut control bars allow for more consistent feeding of bales with various shapes and moisture. And the redesigned discharge chute helps improves crop flow.

“We listened to our customers and took their feedback into consideration to design the new BPX9010 with enhance features,” Wang said. “After all, who knows better than the cattlemen feeding cattle every day?”

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