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Zach Profit, July 23

We are pretty happy. We got about an inch over the weekend here at our farm. West of here we have some farms and they got anywhere from 3.5 to 4 inches. They had a storm system that set over top of them for three or four hours.

We were just starting to get dry. We were scared that we were going to see what seemed like a perfect crop burn up right in front of us, but I don’t think that is going to be the case. We could probably use another shot of rain this week. I think tomorrow there is another chance, but we are looking pretty good and it is pretty hard to complain right now.

If we wouldn’t have gotten this rain, I think things would have gotten pretty ugly pretty fast. We were pulling ears and we didn’t see too much to be concerned about. We did see a little tip back but I don’t think it will be anything to be too fired up about. The biggest thing we noticed was that we found quite a few ears of corn 20 around or more.

The last couple of weeks of dry, hot sunshine have really brought the soybeans around. Some of our fields that were not the greatest are even looking pretty good now. They have gotten rid of that Mountain Dew yellow and are looking much, much better. We did a micronutrient application earlier to try to perk them up and then we hit them again. They have really come a long ways.

There is a little bit of gray leaf spot here and there but it is not out of the norm. I can’t say we have any real pressure out there.

I have seen more fungicide application than I have seen in quite some time. This year it is hard to find someone around here who didn’t spray fungicide on their crop. There were a lot of airplanes out this year. There is a good corn population in this area and I think we stand a pretty good chance to have a good crop here.

I can’t believe how the corn came back from the tornado. You can tell it is goose-necked but it has been pretty amazing. You would never be able to tell that half the field went from shoulder high to two feet off the ground. It is going to make something. It went through pollination fine.

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