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Matt Reese

I grew up on a small farm in northwest Ohio and spent most of my youth writing, doodling, taking pictures, reading and exploring the surrounding farmland. With a family full of teachers, I also grew up around a culture supportive of education. I was active in athletics in high school before graduating from Ohio State University where I studied agricultural communications. This led to my career in agricultural journalism.

I continue to work on the family Christmas tree farm in Hancock County. I live on a small farm in Fairfield County with sheep, rabbits and chickens. I have a daughter, Campbell Miriam, who was born in the fall of 2007 and a son, Parker Matthew, born in August of 2009. We are active in our local church and with numerous other organizations.

I have worked for Ohio’s Country Journal since 1999. I also write a column for numerous newspapers around Ohio, Fresh Country Air and do freelance writing and photography work. I have written and self-published six books to date. To find my books, visit lulu.com and search for “Matt Reese.”

Love birds?

Don’t tell my wife, but amid the extremely busy schedule of Commodity Classic in Florida, I have found another girl. This friendly female parrot gave me a kiss at a BASF event held at Busch Gardens. As you can see, she is very pretty and is quite a talker. She …

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Words are my bailiwick

Kudos to Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin Extension soybean specialist, who presented at last week’s Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference in Ada. Conley’s energetic presentation featured volumes of great soybean information in Friday’s session of the meeting. While the presentation was well done, one of the top things I took …

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Farmers Union spirit

Ohio Farmers Union is the yin to Ohio Farm Bureau’s yang. They are the voice of the left in the often right leaning politics of Ohio agriculture. So many times it seems that if Ohio Farm Bureau has a position on something, Ohio Farmers Union (OFU) is just the opposite …

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Oilseed radish the lamb

I’ve got another interesting addition to my post from a couple of weeks ago (see Conservation Stinks from Jan. 11) about the stinky oilseed radishes in my neighborhood. If you read that post, you’d know that the unbelievable smell of rotting oilseed radishes has been a regular topic of conversation …

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Say cheeeese!

A portion of my duties at the OCJ includes taking photos to accompany the stories I write. In addition, I have been taking photos for farm-related calendars in the last couple of years. Along with that I do a few senior pictures every year and an occasional wedding. As a …

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Conservation stinks

In the weeks prior to Christmas, we would load up the kids drive off to wherever we were destined. And, every road trip, just about a mile or so into our journeys, we would smell something awful. At first, we thought some small mammal had crawled into our engine and …

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