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The elephant NOT in the room

I am a consumer. I like to have choices and I am a certified meat-atarian. If you throw it on the grill I will eat it. Although I have never looked at a label when buying food for my family to enjoy, I do not belittle those that do. My …

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Horsin’ around in the snow

Fred and Darlena Chettle of Wellsville don’t let snow and cold weather keep them from enjoying driving their Percheron horses in the winter. On the occasion shown in the photos with this blog Fred is driving Ethel, an 11-year-old grey Percheron mare, and Apollo, a coming three-year-old Percheron gelding. Charlie, …

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No spreading manure on frozen ground!

They say I should not apply manure in the snow, And they’re writin’ up legislation to make sure that I know. And I’ll do my part, take it to heart, to get cleaner water, that’s for sure, But of geese and politicians, who spreads the most manure? So when there’s …

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Don’t feed wildlife this winter

Looking out a window on a cold winter day to the site of hungry wildlife munching happily on food intentionally provided for them by landowners can create an image that warms the heart and soul. Home and land owners often believe they are helping these creatures during the leaner times …

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Some favorite winter pictures

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to take photos because of the striking beauty of the season. Here are some on my new recent favorites and some older photos from previous years. Try to enjoy a bit of icy beauty on this cold winter’s day.  

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