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Will April showers bring the EPA?

When puddles form in the yard, I now get frustrated, Because if we let down our guard, That water will be regulated. Ditches, and springs, and puddles, Are a source for great alarm, If the Clean Water Act is muddled, To further regulate your farm. April showers bring May flowers, …

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GMO-free fails to boost Cheerio sales

Amid great fanfare and celebrating, General Mills boldly announced early this year that their flagship cereal, Cheerios, was going to be produced without genetically modified ingredients. From the clamor that it created, one would envision consumers rejoicing in the streets and celebrating heartily by cracking open new boxes of GMO-free …

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PEEPS – The annual Easter argument

I know PEEPS are available more that just in the Spring, but I still manage to keep my consumption of them limited until Spring and the Easter season arrive. It is well known amongst the staff at Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net that I LOVE PEEPS. I often …

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Is a barn owl box worthwhile?

When I was growing up, we had a few ducks that stopped by the old farm pond outside of our old farmhouse as they were passing through. They never stayed too long, but one morning I noticed that there was a duck or two missing from the group. I asked …

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A secret island of swimming pigs

Imagine…the bright sun beaming like it was meant for only you as you relax on soft sands on a warm, tropical day as the turquoise water sneaks up to your feet every few seconds. You have a fruity drink in one hand as the other lets go of every care …

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