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The measure of a farmer

I often write about my Grandpa Thompson in my blogs. There are two reasons for that. The first reason is that I admire and respect him and the other is because he gets kind of a kick out of it. You’ve read about his calf in the basement, his woes …

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The hay thieving bandit

When you’ve spent quite a bit of time and effort stacking hay in the barn, it is very frustrating to find part of your hay stack dismantled. Day after day I arrived to find a bunch of hay strung out inside the miniature horse pen. No matter what I did, …

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Just where was the voice of reason?

I am one of those people who is always stressed about running out of hay. Several years ago, when hay harvest was delayed until almost July, I nearly ran out of hay, and I vowed at that time that it would never happen again. Despite my best efforts to conserve …

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Will April showers bring the EPA?

When puddles form in the yard, I now get frustrated, Because if we let down our guard, That water will be regulated. Ditches, and springs, and puddles, Are a source for great alarm, If the Clean Water Act is muddled, To further regulate your farm. April showers bring May flowers, …

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GMO-free fails to boost Cheerio sales

Amid great fanfare and celebrating, General Mills boldly announced early this year that their flagship cereal, Cheerios, was going to be produced without genetically modified ingredients. From the clamor that it created, one would envision consumers rejoicing in the streets and celebrating heartily by cracking open new boxes of GMO-free …

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