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Agronomy Notebook

Seed treatments made a difference in 2012

By Ty Higgins. Ohio Ag Net For soybean growers across the country, 2012 was a unique year. A drought plagued most of the Midwest and commodity prices soared. As growers begin to prepare for the next growing season, they must consider adjusting agronomic practices to increase their bottom line. In …

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Coaching high corn yields

By Matt Reese With the last seconds ticking off the clock in overtime, the best player squares up behind the three-point line for the win, he shoots — nothing but net. Victory! Sometimes, everything comes together for a buzzer-beater victory in crop fields, but that kind of success doesn’t happen …

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Ear rots a health and harvest concern

By Matt Reese There have been reports of farmers getting sick from cleaning combines without wearing dust masks. This could be linked to the inhalation of dust from a number of different ear rots that are being discovered in the Ohio corn crop. Ear rots in fields can present health …

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Foliar fungicides in corn

By Kirk Reese, Agronomy Research Manager for DuPont/Pioneer The use of foliar fungicides in corn production has become a more common practice in recent years. This is largely due to the increased value of the crop and the subsequent interest in protecting or enhancing grain or forage yield. There are …

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Minimizing herbicide injury for crops

By Jeff Rectenwald, Asgrow/Dekalb agronomist Post-emergence herbicide tank mixtures are an important element of integrated weed management of tough-to-control broadleaf weeds in corn. Environmental conditions, such as those that have favored development of thin cuticles on the leaf surfaces of corn this spring, influence the absorption of post-emergence herbicides and …

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