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Wet weather causes problems with hay harvest

Rainfall and high humidity this summer have made it hard for farmers to harvest hay, said a Purdue Extension forage specialist. “Some farmers got their hay mowed, but then they lost yield and quality when it rained,” Keith Johnson said. “Others did not get it cut in timely fashion, so …

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Curious kernels in corn

By Peter Thomison, Ohio State University Extension In the July 23, 2010 issue of the Illinois Pest Management Bulletin, Dr. Emerson Nafziger describes an unusual phenomenon “in which corn kernels seem to start to develop after pollination but are empty of content.” Affected kernels appeared to contain only clear liquid …

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Can the corn factory run too fast?

By John Brien, CCA, AgriGold regional agronomist From planting until pollination a corn grower is concerned about building their corn factory. The corn factories foundation is corn roots, the stalks are the walls and the leaves are the machines that run the entire factory. The goal is to build the …

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Insect Observations for Late July

By Ron Hammond, Andy Michel, Bruce Eisley Currently, we are not receiving many reports of insect problems in field crops in Ohio.   People are reporting finding soybean aphids, but only at a few aphids per plant at most.  Remember that the threshold is 250 aphids per plant with a rising population …

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