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Dan Uetrecht

Dan Uetrecht is a 2018 Between the Rows farmer from Warren County. His father moved to Warren County in 1965. They mainly were a cattle and hog operation but have slowly evolved out of livestock to just grain farming. They have a rotation of corn, beans and wheat.


Dan Uetrecht, Sept. 10

We fared pretty well. We got a little over 2 inches. A lot of the Cincinnati area and north and south of us had 3 to 5 inches. We didn’t flood. It rained over two-and-a-half days and we fared better than most. South of us is pretty flat and they …

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Dan Uetrecht, Aug. 24

We’ve continued to get rain. The corn I think is wrapped up. My two big questions now are: how good will the yield be and will the amount of diseases I have in my corn affect standability? I think without a doubt this corn crop is going to be big. …

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Dan Uetrecht, Aug. 6

Last Tuesday we had 2.5 inches of rain. I think the corn and the beans look tremendous. We planted 40 acres for the Conservation Stewardship Program— crimson clover, radishes and barley — and those are coming up and things are looking really good. A couple weeks before that we had …

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Dan Uetrecht, July 23

Over the weekend we got two inches spread out over three days with no flooding and no ponding. It was an awesome rain. I think it will almost complete the corn and I think the beans are really soaking it up. We were really dry with all of the 90-degree …

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Dan Uetrecht, July 9

Things are looking really good. The corn just keeps going. It has had the rain, the sun and the heat. We have been hot but it is just starting to pollinate. We’ve had some cooler nights and we’ve had enough rain that it is keeping those silks moist. It started …

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Dan Uetrecht, June 8

Things are going really well. The crop looks really good. I think we are one inch of rain away from having a perfect spring. We are a little dry and if we could just get a good soaker it would be perfect. Hopefully we’ll get it. We are supposed to …

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May 25, Dan Uetrecht

We finished planting around May 12. We have just had exceptional weather. It has almost been a picture perfect planting year. For the first time I can remember, we started planting and we didn’t stop one day until we were finished. We usually have to stop because we get rained …

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May 7, Dan Uetrecht

We actually started up last Sunday. We got the planters in the field and got the kinks out. We hammered down ever since Monday. We planted almost 1,000 aces of corn and beans. They went in really well. One thing though, we are dry. We haven’t gotten rains and after …

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Dan Uetrecht, April 23

We have gotten our wheat sprayed with herbicide and fungicide. A lot of the neighbors just got spraying Saturday and Sunday. The cover crops are taking off and we have held off on spraying with the rain maybe coming today or tomorrow. I don’t want to kill the cover crops …

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