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Understanding eminent domain

Construction is all around us. Expansion projects, improvement efforts, new buildings taking shape — these types of things have become the norm. While we all want better infrastructure, the inconvenience of orange barrels can be dreadful. Bring on some additional dread when projects have a more personal impact and they …

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Where to start on succession planning

Another article about succession planning — you probably feel like you’ve read them all. Although always presented with the best of intentions, you may feel as though many of the pieces you come across are littered with warnings about what may or may not happen if you don’t have all of …

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To lease or to buy?

Equipment is the lifeblood of any farming operation. Luckily, there are many different ways for farmers to obtain the machinery they need, with an operating lease and purchasing being two of the most popular options. But which option is right for you? There are pros and cons associated with each …

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Buy high, sell low…. Really?

Buy low, sell high. That is always the ideal scenario. Traditionally that is what your investment advisors and accountants tell you. But, if you’re dealing with grain, things operate a little differently. In fact, in the case of grain elevators, ethanol plants, feed grinders, and more it’s not all about …

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