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Spending measure puts ‘GIPSA Rule’ on hold

Livestock and poultry organizations praised House lawmakers for approving an agriculture funding bill that prevents the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from finalizing its proposed regulation on livestock and poultry marketing contracts. The House voted 217-203 to pass legislation that funds USDA, the Food and Drug Administration and related agencies …

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Bill to close a permitting loophole

By Matt Reese Ohio Rep. Jim Buchy (R-Greenville) recently introduced a bill (229) to close a loophole used by local governments to block the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) permitting process for a poultry facility. “We recently denied a permit for the Hi-Q egg facility permit. The current law says …

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Fish farm tour June 15

Freshwater Farms of Ohio, the state’s largest indoor fish hatchery, will host a free public tour June 15 as part of the 2011 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Freshwater Farms raises up to 100,000 pounds of fish a year, including such species as rainbow trout, largemouth bass, yellow perch, …

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Dairy industry receives $1.1 million to help producers benchmark and demonstrate their environmental stewardship practices

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a $1.1 million Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) to the Dairy Research Institute (formerly known as Dairy Science Institute, Inc.), an affiliate of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. The funding will support the development of a Dairy Farm Stewardship Toolkit for dairy producers to evaluate …

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Fly control in confined livestock and poultry production operations

By Ralph E. Williams, entomologist, Purdue University Fly Control in Confined Livestock Operations Of flies occurring in livestock confinement operations, including feedlots, dairies, swine, and sheep, of most concern are stable flies, Stomoxys calcitrans, and house flies, Musca domestica.  Control of these two flies follows similar techniques. Surveillance/Diagnosis:  Both stable …

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Managing dairy costs

While rising feed prices and other production costs, are putting pressure on the dairy industry, a Purdue Extension dairy specialist says there may be ways for dairy farmers to reduce their on-farm input expenses. “The three biggest input costs for dairies are feed, labor, and replacement heifers,” said Mike Schutz. …

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