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Market Analysis

Get to know your marketing tools

We finished harvesting on our farm in southeast Nebraska last Wednesday. Yields were average for irrigated corn and soybeans, which was expected. However, we were pleased that dryland corn matched last year’s record production and dryland soybeans were 20% higher than the last 10-year average. Reports indicate these results (i.e. …

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Selling calls can set up success

The Fed didn’t change interest rates last week, which helps farmers in the short-term. The dollar won’t increase in value, making it easier to export grain. Also borrowing money for operation costs won’t likely increase. The corn market is under pressure, likely from the start of harvest. Yield results are …

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Are price swings ahead?

The trade was surprised by the USDA reducing corn yield estimates, but at the same time raising bean yield estimates. What does this mean? Corn Carryout for the 2015/16 crop was reduced to under 1.6 billion bushels. Many think this is bullish and corn won’t trade below $3.50. The top end …

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Hope is a poor marketing strategy

The market feels like it is in free-fall and the lack of strong exports is discouraging. One silver-lining, as futures continue to drop, export demand may eventually increase. World grain supplies are still high, which could keep a cap on prices for a long time. It will likely take a …

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Considering corn versus beans for 2016

Pro Farmer estimates are showing a 164.3 corn national average, while the USDA was 168.8.  This wasn’t a big surprise to the trade. Many feel that the final number will be somewhere in-between. We will know in almost 30 days as harvest should be nearly to I-80.  This week harvest was as far north …

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