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Market Analysis

Prepare to battle the bear

Corn highlights Last week corn dipped below the 100-day moving average, which usually indicates the market will move lower going forward. However, farmers aren’t selling, so many are unsure what to expect. Corn exports are difficult due to lower priced corn coming from the Ukraine. Warm weather in the South last week was …

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Selling forward with a production budget in mind

Where will corn and bean prices go? Corn has a big technical resistance at $3.77 (100-day moving average). So far, the market has held this price as a floor. Some still estimate $4.25 as an upside target. Fundamentally, farmers haven’t been sellers much below $4, so with the board around $3.85 some end users can’t source corn …

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January report offered news for bulls and bears

Maybe the most anticipated USDA report of the year was published last week. The biggest take away in the report was carryout bushels. Carryout is the amount of unused grain from one production year to the next, which helps traders to determine if the market is trading at the correct price. The bullish news was that corn …

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Will glut of supply mean $9 soybeans (or less)?

After USDA’s January supply and demand report, the soybean markets felt a lot of downward pressure and flirted with resistance levels at the end of the week. Jon Scheve, a grain merchandiser with Superior Feed Ingredients says that downward trend may continue and really put the pressure on the bean …

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The importance of setting marketing goals

The market appears to be trading sideways until the New Year when traders get back to a full week of trading. Also, many in the industry are waiting for direction from the January USDA report. With the market volatility facing producers in 2015, there will be opportunities to maximize profits, but farmers need …

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Where will futures go in 2015?

Corn Why is it so hard to predict where futures will go next year? Largely, because, it’s impossible to predict what all U.S. farmers are going to do and what the weather will be like in the future. Will farmers have time to complete fall tillage – they didn’t complete all of …

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