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Marijuana legalization petition rejected

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office rejected the petition for a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution to legalize marijuana in Ohio. On April 9, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office received a written petition to amend the Ohio Constitution, titled the “Marijuana Rights and Regulations Amendment” from the attorney representing the petitioning committee. …

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AgCredit forms Mission Fund

AgCredit — one of northern Ohio’s largest lenders for farmers, rural homeowners and agribusiness — is pleased to announce the formation of the AgCredit Mission Fund. The Mission Fund will fund AgCredit’s Joe Leiser college scholarship program along with grants to organizations who meet the objective and focus of the …

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — April 19, 2018

180419_RyanMartin Moisture holds on over Ohio through midday today. Clouds will yield scattered light showers, drizzle and even some snowflakes today. The best chance of snow comes in NE Ohio, where we see the coldest temps this morning and we also have some lake interaction. However, temps quickly move to …

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Seed is precious

We are off to a rough start again. I saw the pictures on Facebook of replanting.  So I thought I should chime in here about how precious this seed is and what a seed treatment can and cannot do.  In this Eastern Soybean Belt we have a lot of poorly …

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Bugged by bugs in the house this winter?

If you spent the winter finding multicolored Asian lady beetles on your lampshades and brown marmorated stink bugs on your toaster, there’s bad news and good news. The bad news, say experts at The Ohio State University, is that Ohio’s colder than normal winter probably didn’t faze the creatures. When …

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — April 18, 2018

180418_RyanMartin Sun this morning will be followed by increasing clouds this afternoon as low pressure moves into east central IN by early to mid-afternoon. This low will bring moisture back into Ohio later this afternoon and then we see action holding through evening, overnight and into tomorrow morning. Moisture has …

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