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Ohio farm custom rates 2018

By Barry Ward, Leader, Production Business Management, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics & John Barker, Extension Educator Agriculture/Amos Program, County Director, Ohio State University Extension Knox County Farming is a complex business and many Ohio farmers utilize outside assistance for specific farm-related work. This option is appealing for …

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Keep scouting for potato leafhoppers in alfalfa

By Rory Lewandowski, CCA, Mark Sulc, Kelley Tilmon, Ohio State University Extension If you grow alfalfa, now is the time to scout those fields for potato leafhoppers. Integrated pest management (IPM) scouts are finding potato leafhoppers (PLH) widely distributed across a number of alfalfa fields. PLH numbers have ranged from low …

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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 66 | #WaterDrama18

A busy time in Ohio agriculture with #WaterDrama18 heating up. The crew of Ty Higgins, Dale Minyo, Joel Penhorwood, and Matt Reese talks the latest developments in the ongoing water quality situation in Ohio. In this episode, we hear interviews with Ohio Soybean Council’s Tom Fontana, Steve Culman of Ohio State University …

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Jump-starting rural economies

Many rural counties in Ohio and across the nation are facing dwindling populations, reduced agricultural income and lagging job growth. Since the nationwide recession ended in 2009, economic recovery in rural communities has not matched that in urban areas, said Mark Partridge, a professor in the College of Food, Agricultural, …

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Western Ohio cropland values and cash rents 2017-18

By Barry Ward, Leader, Production Business Management, Director, Ohio State University Income Tax Schools  OSU Extension, Agriculture & Natural Resources Ohio cropland values and cash rental rates are projected to decrease in 2018. According to the Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents Survey, bare cropland values in western Ohio …

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