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So what are you going to do now?

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC The most recent USDA report showed some potential for the corn market with strong demand expected to continue. This could mean current corn prices are near a bottom. However, the great weather throughout June and early July suggests the national yield could be another …

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Using drones to find drainage pipes

By Barry Allred, USDA Research Agricultural Engineer and Greg Rouse, GIS Coordinator, Ross County Soil and Water Conservation District   To improve the soil water removal efficiency of drained farmland, and thereby increase crop yields, new drain lines are often installed between pre-existing drain lines. Retrofitting an agricultural subsurface drainage system …

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Project grain fill

By John Brien, AgriGold Grain fill is a critical part of a corn plant’s life, but is often overlooked because it is kind of slow, boring and uneventful to watch. What is actually occurring soon after pollination is utterly amazing considering an acre of corn has to “build” over 11,200 …

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A multi-hybrid symbol of patriotism

By Ty Higgins, The Ohio Ag Net It must have been quite a sight for Joe Singleton and his son as they flew over the beautiful mid-season landscape of Darke and Preble Counties, but among the thousands of acres of lush corn and soybean fields, something extraordinary caught their eyes …

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Marketing in a trade war

By Jon Scheve, Superior Feed Ingredients, LLC Its official, the U.S. is now in a trade war. Last week some said a last minute negotiation could stop it, but that didn’t happen. It’s uncertain if this will last a few days, weeks, months or years. No one really knows the outcome …

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Can No-till get you Fired? Learn more Aug. 29

By Randall Reeder, OSU Extension Agricultural Engineer (retired) “Glover, they’re going to fire you.” The first time Glover Triplett took his wife to see the new no-till research plots in 1962, the corn was about a foot tall, and the ground was littered with dead weeds and corn stalks from the previous year. The plot looked …

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