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Large wild canines are becoming more common in Ohio.

Update on Coy Wolf sightings in Ohio

Apparently my friends weren’t the only Ohioans to have large wild canines running around on their property. Not only was my blog about a Coy Wolf sighting widely read, but we also received some interesting new information and photographs from readers. Unfortunately, Tyler McMillen also has large wild canines causing problems on his family’s farm [...]

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This large canine was captured on a trail camera in Ohio in the fall of 2014.

Coy Wolf spotted in Ohioans’ backyard

The Coy Wolf is not a myth or a legend; it is an actual living creature that is a hybrid of the coyote and the wolf. Believe it or not, these creatures exist right here in Ohio. No, my imagination has gotten away from me, and I didn’t bump my head. Sightings of abnormally large [...]

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