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A sighting of coyotes and the howl of a pack of coyotes is almost common these days for many rural dwellers.  Photo courtesy of the ODNR by Victoria Marcum-Howard.

Predator problems plaguing livestock in Ohio

In recent years, Ohio has put forth incredible efforts to expand and enhance the abundant natural areas in the state and the wildlife that resides therein. This has innumerable benefits, but it can also lead to some challenges for agriculture. Particularly in southeastern Ohio, livestock predation has been on the rise for some farmers in [...]

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Kevin O'Dell's daughter, Annie, poses with pelts of trapped wildlife.
Fox can be tough to trap.

The allure and lures of canine trapping

Predatory canine numbers are on the upswing in the Ohio heartland and these varmints are the bane of many barnyards. But, as winter sets in and the coats of these critters grow full and thick, trapping season opens. Trapping is the art of enticing targeted animal species into foot hold, body gripping, or snare traps [...]

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