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Ty Higgins moderated a panel at the 2017 Ohio Grain Farmers Symposium where a wide variety of issues (including water quality) were discussed by the Ohio Soybean Association and Ohio Corn and Wheat leadership.

Ohio agriculture accused of “poisoning our lake”

There was quite a stir this week in Toledo with news regarding the Lucas County commissioners’ sponsorship of a website identifying “hotspots” in the Western Lake Erie Basin watershed for nutrient loading. The Western Lake Erie Basin Nutrient Sources Inventory is described as a “mapping tool that identifies causes of impairment and potential pollutant sources [...]

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Case IH Is the First Original Equipment Manufacturer to Offer a Proprietary Cellular

Prepaying farm expenses as a tax planning tool

Farmers typically pay for seed, fertilizer, and other inputs in one year and use the items in the subsequent year. There are many reasons to do so, such as: obtaining a lower purchase price, guarantee the availability of the particular item, and of course for tax planning purposes. Typically larger farmers can spend tens of [...]

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2016 Between the Rows slider image

Between the Rows kicks off the 2016 growing season

We have about 300 acres of corn and 100 acres of beans in. We started on April 20 with corn and the 21st with beans. It is actually a little wet and the soil temperature is still pretty cold, which is why we have held off on planting progress. It was a really mild winter. [...]

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PHOTO: The Reese garden mud hole barometer indicated that there was ample soil moisture following an exceptionally poor stretch of April weather.

The Reese garden mud hole barometer: A value analysis

When I was growing up, a neighbor had one of those Mule Barometers to monitor the weather. It said something like: “If tail is dry — Fair; If tail is wet — Rain; If tail is swinging — Windy; If tail is wet and swinging — Stormy; If tail is frozen — Cold.” In what [...]

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Tips for finding workable farm financial solutions

A conversation with…Evan Hahn, Vice President of Credit, Farm Credit Mid-America OCJ: There is growing concern for some farms with regard to securing enough loan funding to be able to plant a crop in 2016. What broad factors have contributed to this situation for some farms? Evan: With the end of the commodity super-cycle, farmers [...]

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John Lindner and his daughter, Samantha, are very pleased with the addition of solar panels on their Clark County livestock operation.

Increasing on-farm energy independence requires careful consideration

It has always been present in fields and farmhouses — a spirit of independence, and self-reliance that has been etched like laugh lines in the face of American farms. For modern farms with an interest in the independence and self reliance that comes with getting off the energy grid, there have been steady improvements in [...]

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2015 Between the Rows wraps up harvest

Harvest is all done. We finished up with our custom work last week. Now we are working on disk ripping ground, spreading fertilizer and getting ready for next year. In the corn it was all over the board. There were really good yields in some areas that were planted early. I think that in this [...]

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Scott Shearer, FABE department chair and professor, and project coordinator Andrew Klopfenstein stand in one of the demonstration fields for the Cropping System of the Future.

Taking a look at the farm of the future at the Farm Science Review

To date, the trend in most of production agriculture has been “bigger is better.” But that is something that may be changing, according to some experts in new agricultural technology. The Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering (FABE) at the Farm Science Review site is taking a look at a possible future in agriculture [...]

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Prayers for rain in Ohio return as harvest nears

We have been fairly fortunate to catch a couple of rains. Last week we got a half-inch in one rain and two- or three-tenths in another rain at the end of the week. We had two inches of rain that first week of August and that helped us a bunch. We have some moisture to [...]

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The opioid problem is an epidemic in Ohio, including rural areas.

Remember you have the right to remain silent

My eight-year old Doberman cross would be shocked to learn that I am praising his approach to life. Luke loves to eat, especially bread. He isn’t picky — any type bread or crackers or bakery product will do. As a result, we have Luke-proofed the kitchen, or attempted to. We purchased a bread box, but [...]

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