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Feeding Farmers Week 2 — Ballinger Farms, Allen County

The second week of Feeding Farmers in the Field, fall edition took the Ohio Ag Net crew to Allen County to the operation of Mike Ballinger and family. The corn, soybean, and beef operation has a wide range of tractors around the property, with Mike involved in repairing and restoring certain equipment. Dale Minyo talks [...]

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Feeding Farmers Week 1 — Wilt Farms, Auglaize County

The first week of the 2017 fall edition of Feeding Farmers in the Field took the crew of Ohio Ag Net to Auglaize County where father and son duo Virgil and Darrin Wilt run their corn and soybean operation together. Dale Minyo visited with Virgil on the year as harvest has recently gotten underway.

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2017 Feeding Farmers — Michaud Farms, Van Wert County

The final week of the spring 2017 edition of Feeding Farmers took the Ohio Ag Net crew to far western Ohio to the Michaud Farm. Dale Minyo sits down with Jesse Michaud about the farm, his son’s roles, and an impressive collection of old signs from yesteryear. All that and more in this interview, courtesy [...]

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Feeding Farmers Week #3 – Niese Farms

The crew of the Ohio Ag Net traveled to north central Ohio to have lunch with the Niese Family for the third installment of the 2017 Feeding Farmers campaign, courtesy of AgriGold. The unique history of the operation goes back to Jerry Niese and his ability to pull through the rough farming times of the [...]

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Heitkamp Farms Feeding Farmers

Feeding Farmers Week 4 — John and Judy Heitkamp Farm, Auglaize County

The final week of 2016 Feeding Farmers in the Field took the Ohio Ag Net crew to Auglaize County to the John and Judy Heitkamp Farm. The grain operation is unique in that it employs nearly 80% of its acreage to continuos corn. The family operation is staying busy this harvest season with help from [...]

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Feeding Farmers Week 3 — Winegardner Farms, Allen County

The third week of 2016 Fall Feeding Farmers in the Field took the Ohio Ag Net crew to the eastern edge of Allen County to Winegardner Farms. The family operation, ran by brothers Kent and Lyle, as well as Kent’s son Kendell deals with corn and soybeans in addition to side businesses, including Winegardner Petroleum. [...]

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Feeding Farmers Week #2 — Homan Farm, Auglaize County

Week two of Feeding Farmers, fall edition, took the Ohio Ag Net crew southeast of Grand Lake St. Mary’s to the Howard Homan Farm. The farm is a 200 cow dairy operation with around 700 acres of cropland, farmed and managed by Howard Homan and his three sons, Lee, Mark, and Darren. Along with the [...]

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Feeding Farmers Week 1 — Schmitmeyer Farms, Mercer County

Week number one of Feeding Farmers, fall edition, took the crew of the Ohio Ag Net south of Celina to the Mercer County farm of Dave and Gina Schmitmeyer and family. Dale Minyo broadcast middays from the farm following a tour of the dairy, swine, and crop operation. The operation utilizes the latest in milking [...]

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Feeding Farmers Week 4 – Black Walnut Farms, Warren County

A trip to southwestern Ohio wrapped up the 2016 Feeding Farmers program, courtesy of AgriGold. Each Friday for the past four weeks, the crew of the Ohio Ag Net traveled to various parts of the state delivering lunch, fellowship, and midday broadcasts to farm families that are the backbone of American agriculture. Don Tharr heads [...]

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