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Why are we hog wild over bacon?

While growing up my brothers and I had a running joke that, when asked how much bacon we wanted, we would answer, “Yes.” The idea was that whatever amount of bacon that was available is the amount that we wanted. The Reese brothers (and our father) REALLY enjoyed bacon growing up, and still do. Apparently, [...]

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The portrait of President Ronald Regan is made out of jellybeans to commemorate one of his favorite snacks.

Celebrate February with some favorite presidential foods

 A gift of Presidents’ Day flowers has become a tradition in the past 30 years in the Detwiler family. That’s right, I do not receive any flowers on Valentine’s Day. The fact is, we are a very political family and Paul believes that President’s day is the only February holiday worth celebrating. He probably just [...]

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UpField's Mark Inkrott during his pro football career

Former football pro using sports as a platform for agriculture

When a sports fan heads to the stadium to cheer on their favorite team, it is safe to say that one of the last things on their minds is agriculture. But, thanks to some help from an Ohio farm boy turned NFL football player,  the ways those in the stands think about farming and how [...]

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Is organic worth it? It depends…

When someone asks me if buying organic is worth the extra cost, I tell them, “It depends.” To simply issue a blanket statement that organic production is better for the environment and better for you is simply inaccurate, though it is a message regularly touted as gospel by many in the organic industry. But, of [...]

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Let’s talk weeds — for food

Let’s talk weeds. Not the type of weed that’s been on the ballot, but the weeds all farmers and gardeners fight on a daily basis. Webster defines weeds as a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. Therefore the number of weeds can be never-ending. At our farm [...]

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Food (peaches)

Preserving summer’s bounty for the cold winter ahead

Urban homesteading is a trend that is on the rise. It involves sustainable practices and self-reliance from sewing, gardening, mini-farming and preserving, which is nothing new to most farm families, but is becoming a new adventure and lifestyle to consumers sometimes many generations removed from the farm. Preservation is a big deal in the world [...]

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Kurt and Corinna Bench own and operate Shared Legacy Farms LLC in Ottawa County where they produce organic vegetables for a CSA and for local chefs.

Sharing the legacy: Small farm selling a connection to food

Food is about more than just sustenance. For many people, food is about family, friends, life, and relationships. For people who are looking for a closer connection to their food, there need to be farmers who are wiling to provide that connection. “We have good relationships in both directions with our customers,” said Kurt Bench, [...]

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cage free eggs

Consumer food choice eroding away in the name of consumer food choice

In this country we continue to see consumer food choice being eroded away in the name of consumer food choice. Here is an example that recently came through my inbox that shows how this is happening. I got an email asking for my support of the Real Food Challenge. The program is directed at college [...]

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Ringling Bros. (PRNewsFoto/Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey)

The elephant NOT in the room

I am a consumer. I like to have choices and I am a certified meat-atarian. If you throw it on the grill I will eat it. Although I have never looked at a label when buying food for my family to enjoy, I do not belittle those that do. My farming background has given me [...]

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March: A month of food, nutrition and agriculture

March holds a special place in my heart. It celebrates everything I am passionate about — food, nutrition and agriculture. National Nutrition Month and National Agriculture Day combine to celebrate all that we know in the world of eating. National Agriculture Day is March 18 and recognizes and celebrates the abundance provided by agriculture. National [...]

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