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How farmers and their cyclops sheep led to a cancer treatment breakthrough

Lessons of life are sometimes found in the strangest of places. That was the case for a group of Idaho ranchers in the 1950s that found a mysterious case of cyclops lambs among their sheep. That’s right — one-eyed mutant lambs were being born. An interesting video on the subject from the folks over at [...]

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The written and unwritten rules of “Five Dollar Baseball”

Playing sports with family seems to be an undervalued commodity in the marketplace of life these days. Athletics themselves — their competitiveness, sweat equity, failure, success — create a bond among contenders found few other places. Today, we look at a fun backyard game my family and I recently found ourselves playing while celebrating Easter [...]

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This piece of furniture, built by 4-H'ers for the Ohio State Fair, is of much higher quality than the furniture written about here

The evils of IKEA furniture

I must be getting old, friends. I was recently watching an episode of Jeopardy! and I was enjoying it a bit too much. My masterful trivia skills were on full display until Final Jeopardy, the last query in the show. The subject was international business and I felt I had a good enough grasp on [...]

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