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grim dairy

Dancin’ dairy style (makes me smile)

It is no secret that dairy prices are in the dumps, and have been for a while. It can seem sad/frustrating/stressful/scary/challenging/daunting/hopeless, among other things. Nope, there’s not much to smile about there. But, like all challenges in life, it is how each dairy farmer or farm employee responds to the situation that can make the [...]

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corn in the wind

Sideways prices

Grain prices the first two weeks of January were stellar — stellarly boring and sideways. The trend of prices moving lower last fall did not change. The past two months there has been a lot of negative news in the market. However, there was some friendly news with the Jan. 12 USDA crop report. There [...]

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Turkey prices up due to avian influenza

It might be more costly thanks to an extensive avian flu outbreak earlier this year, but there should be no shortage of turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Still, other segments of the poultry industry are taking longer to rebound, said a poultry specialist with The Ohio State University. “The good news is the avian flu [...]

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Hog prices expected to be lower in 2015

Consumers can expect to pay less for their bacon this year with pork prices forecast to be down 23 cents per pound, Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt says. As a result, however, pork producers are expected to see less profit per head. Hurt noted that hog prices last year reached record highs, with the national live [...]

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Margins continuing to tighten in 2015

Spring is just around the corner. It is hard to believe that in 70 days or so, spring planting of corn and soybeans could be underway across Ohio and the Midwest. Many producers have already made decisions regarding the mix of corn and soybeans to be planted this spring. Margins and profits per acre are [...]

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close turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s 29th annual informal price survey of classic items found on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table indicates the average cost of this year’s feast for 10 is $49.41, a 37-cent increase from last year’s average of $49.04. “Turkey production has been somewhat lower this year and wholesale prices are a little [...]

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Farmland values due for a slight decline

With crop prices at multiyear lows and interest rates expected to inch up over the next few years, a Purdue University agricultural economist believes the decade-long increase in farmland values might soon be over. But Michael Langemeier, associate director of the Center for Commercial Agriculture, said any decline should be relatively slight and spread over [...]

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Harvest sunset

Pipeline holdups boosting soybeans

Harvest across the Midwest and Ohio continues to drag on. For many Ohio producers harvest progress in October was a mixed blessing. Yields are above expectations for some, especially corn yields that in numerous cases are record breaking. Frequent rains in October slowed soybean harvest to a crawl. Many days were lacking in sunshine and [...]

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Smith Farms, Wapak, Ohio

Are the price rallies justified?

Similar to many of you, I’m running the combine this week, so I’ll keep the commentary short. On Thursday I drove from Minneapolis to my farm south of Lincoln, NE. I was amazed by what I didn’t see — there was very little corn harvested along I-35 and I-80. For mid-October, this is a big change [...]

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Capturing price rallies

Many farmers have been waiting for a 25-cent rally and it finally happened last week, but it happened once corn had hit $3.20. The USDA report increased yield estimates and decreased harvested acres to levels the trade expected, keeping prices steady after the report. Still the trade expects a bigger crop than current USDA estimates and this [...]

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