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Photo Credit: psu.edu

Why are we hog wild over bacon?

While growing up my brothers and I had a running joke that, when asked how much bacon we wanted, we would answer, “Yes.” The idea was that whatever amount of bacon that was available is the amount that we wanted. The Reese brothers (and our father) REALLY enjoyed bacon growing up, and still do. Apparently, [...]

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Henry Farms

Ohio cow’s breed record success comes from consistency

A mid-sized dairy in the hills of the southeast corner of Logan County is home to a cow that most producers only dream of having the privilege of owning. However, the renowned bovine that resides at the primarily Holstein operation of Henry farms is not black and white, but is instead a Brown Swiss. Officially [...]

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World Soy Foundation’s Acre Challenge Campaign nearing $100,000

The World Soy Foundation (WSF), the philanthropic arm of the American Soybean Association, has never before surpassed the goal of $100,000 raised through their Acre Challenge campaign. But, this year, in just nine months, they have raised over 85% of their goal. The top supporting states of this spring have helped give the campaign an [...]

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Soy protein and oil levels up in 2013

The average protein and oil levels in the 2013 U.S. soybean crop ticked upward, according to the soy-checkoff-funded Crop Quality Survey. Average oil levels jumped to 19%, a 0.5- point increase from 2012 levels, while average protein levels grew by 0.4 percentage points to 34.7%. U.S. soy’s biggest customer, the global animal agriculture sector, takes [...]

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