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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 15, 2018

We kick of a wet period with rain and fog today. Scattered showers this morning give way to a more organized batch of moisture later this afternoon, this evening and overnight. Several minor waves ebb and flow today, and then stronger moisture comes with a front overnight. Around midnight, we can see the heaviest rains [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 14, 2018

No change in our outlook today. It is wet through most of the upcoming 10 day period. In fact, we may have to put more rain in for the second half of this weekend. Time will tell. A pulse of moisture started working into areas south of the Ohio River late yesterday and threw a [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 13, 2018

Nothing spectacular in our forecast today, although we should see temps climb a good 5-8 degrees over yesterday, getting back near normal for this time of year. We continue to see southwest winds develop through the afternoon, and that gives a signal that this warm up is just beginning. Clouds will likely start to develop [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 12, 2018

Significant changes in the forecast pattern this morning. While it is still cold this morning and we stay chilly into tomorrow, we are going to transition from the cold and snowy pattern that we saw for the first 11 days of February to a warm and wet pattern for the next 10 days. The map [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 9, 2018

Two dramatically different forecasts this morning over Ohio, depending on where you are. Over NW Ohio, snow is falling and will fall through most of the day. We don’t think this snow makes it much farther south than US 30 in NW Ohio. However, the action then kind of tails off farther east. We still [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 8, 2018

Cold air in today as moves across the state and sets up in southeast Ohio by this evening. Temps are below zero this morning in parts of NW Ohio Still, though, the story is what happens in terms of snow tomorrow. Snow moves back into northern Ohio tomorrow morning and continues through the day. Models [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 7, 2018

Yet another snow system is crossing the state this today. Snows do not look overly impressive to the north and west, and we are leaving snow totals at a coating to 2 inches in NW Ohio. The strongest snows run through a widening channel centered on a line from Cincinnati to just north of Wheeling. [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 5, 2018

Buckle up…it’s going to be bit of a bumpy ride this week. We kicked off our active start to February over the weekend yesterday, with a clipper system bringing precipitation to most of the state. We have snow on the ground in many places as of this morning, and if you missed out on it [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 2, 2018

We are making our forecast a little more foreboding this morning, as we expect a very active 7 day period over Ohio from this weekend into next. Today looks relatively calm as high pressure sets up this morning in  NW Ohio, and then moves east through the day. This will keep a significant chill in [...]

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