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This Jefferson Salamander kept trying to check us out by staring up at us.

Salamander hunt!

Every year there are a handful of days in Ohio this time of year where it seems the last of winter has faded. Balmy temperatures warm your bones and the welcomed sunshine pushes the last of the winter doldrums away. There are a just a few of those days in Ohio this time of year [...]

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Trapping Santa seems ill advised

The holiday sprit has settled in at the Reese house. Cookies are in the oven, the Christmas tree is decorated and Christmas music fills the air. Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own special way, though, and our son has taken a somewhat unusual tactic to commemorate the season of giving. Upon walking into our son’s [...]

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Kevin O'Dell's daughter, Annie, poses with pelts of trapped wildlife.
Fox can be tough to trap.

The allure and lures of canine trapping

Predatory canine numbers are on the upswing in the Ohio heartland and these varmints are the bane of many barnyards. But, as winter sets in and the coats of these critters grow full and thick, trapping season opens. Trapping is the art of enticing targeted animal species into foot hold, body gripping, or snare traps [...]

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