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Tariff threats from China frustrating agriculture

Across the nation those involved in agriculture are expressing frustration (to put it mildly, in some cases) about the escalation of a trade dispute that has resulted in China’s announcement of a proposed 25% tariff on imported U.S. soybeans. It does not take many guesses to figure out the topic of most concern heard by [...]

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Mr. President, do not take farm vote for granted

I know that many people involved in agriculture, myself included, were thrilled to see President Donald Trump take time out of his very busy schedule to visit the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting in Nashville in January. In that speech, we found out that the President is hearing about and working on so many [...]

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We’ll always have Paris…oh wait, never mind

President Donald Trump again sent the left wing aflutter when he fulfilled another campaign promise by announcing a U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement that laid out a framework for countries to adopt clean energy and phase out fossil fuels in a global effort to address climate change. The Paris Agreement seeks to hold “the [...]

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The roles (and realities) of rural America show up at the polls

Once again this week, the massive rift between philosophies, values and political priorities was gashed wide open. Half of the nation was left lamenting and pledging to flee to Canada and the other half was silently smirking at their televisions as newscasters tried to veil their confusion and outrage while blinking back tears to preserve [...]

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Sunrise after election day: What did Twitter have to say?

If you are reading this, it is likely that the sun has risen this day after the 2016 election. Surprise, victory, defeat, anger, joy, shock — no matter what you are feeling on this post-election day it was most likely expressed on Twitter in the last 24 hours with regard to the election. Humor was [...]

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