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Potential morning lows Monday morning

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 23, 2017

Our cold front slowed in its eastward progress significantly over the weekend, and that is not a good thing for us this morning. If you are needing a silver lining, it would be that we were able to squeeze a completely dry day yesterday since the front slowed, and harvest rolled on without a hitch. [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 20, 2017

The short term forecast is unchanged this morning: Sunny, windy, dry weather holds for today and tomorrow, similar to what we have seen the past few days, and just like we have been talking up all week long. Our next front works in to the state later Sunday and goes through midday Monday…similar to our [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 19, 2017

No change in this great weather for the balance of the week and weekend. Dry weather holds through Sunday with slowly climbing temps, strong southwest winds and excellent dry down conditions. Morning dew should be lighter over the next few mornings too, meaning we should be able to be in the field faster. Our next [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 18, 2017

No complaints here at midweek. We have dry weather on the docket again today, and more is on the way. Warmer starting to assert itself too, thanks to strong south and southwest winds that started cranking up yesterday. Now, all of this should not come as any kind of surprise, since we have been talking [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 17, 2017

We have no changes to the forecast this morning, and our pattern is on track for the rest of this week through Saturday. Sunshine and blue sky will dominate and we will see temps slowly but surely move upward. We will be near normal by midweek (tomorrow) and above normal to finish the week and [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 16, 2017

The forecast looks pretty nice this morning as we move into an extended period of dry weather. Clouds may take their own sweet time breaking up here in the short term as cooler air is in place after following the frontal boundary in yesterday. However, as you look at the surface map, this is one [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 13, 2017

Even though the past couple of days have made it feel like we never will get good drying back, sunshine will take more control of the state today and that will begin to drive temperatures up some. The dry weather continues tomorrow and will pair with stronger winds out of the southwest. This will increase [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 12, 2017

Drier weather is here. It may not seem like it in parts of the state today, as lingering clouds and cooler temps don’t allow for the drier feel we have become used to over the past weeks and months. However, we have no new rain on the way, and we should see better chances of [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 11, 2017

Good rains are moving across the state today. We are keeping rain totals this morning at .25”-1” over about 70% of the state, and we are going to miss the really heavy action. Rains of 2” or more are likely in Michigan…but those storms look to pull northeast and move into Ontario, rather than heading [...]

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — October 10, 2017

Not a lot of change in the overall forecast pattern this morning, but we do have a few tweaks to our forecast…mostly finessing the timing of our next two rain events. Today we should start with decent sun, but clouds will building this afternoon as our next system pushes across the western and central Corn [...]

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