Air-Pro Seed Meter gives farmers what they have been asking for

Great Plains is proud to announce they are now offering the advanced Air-Pro meter system on all Yield-Pro planters. Air-Pro meters are pressurized air meters that take singulation and spacing accuracy a step beyond what is offered in the industry today.

“Great Plains has spent more than five years developing and testing the air pro metering system” said Tom Evans, vice president of sales and marketing at Great Plains. “We even ran our full-size proto-types an extra year to ensure that they were ready to provide farmers with the most accurate and reliable meters on the market.”

Airflow required for this system is provided by a single 8-inch hydraulic fan. The first priority is to maintain a consistent meter pressure, and it is regulated by the IntelliAG monitor. Air pressure not used to maintain consistent meter pressure is diverted to bulk seed delivery. This extremely efficient system requires only 9-gallons-a-minute hydraulic flow to operate the fan on a 16-row twin-row equipped planter.
“This un-complicated meter does a lot for metering accuracy that the farmer may not be aware of,” said engineering manager Mike McClure. “One of the killers of consistent seed metering is static electricity buildup. It can make the seed stick in the seed pocket and create inconsistent metering. We use specially designed injection molded polymers that have inherent properties that greatly reduce static electricity. Our composite brushes also have interwoven metal bristles to remove any latent traces of static cling.”

“Our meters load seed in the seed disc with air pressure, as the seed rotates it enters the brush area; air is cut off and is now mechanically held in the seed disc until it is dropped directly in the clear shot seed tube. The difference is when a vacuum planter releases its seed it will stay in the pocket longer depending on how good of a seal the seed has on the pocket, and since all seeds are a different size and shape, so is their release point. We use gravity to release the seed — gravity is the same every time,” McClure said.

“The Great Plains Air-Pro meter system has also been designed to operate at higher ground speeds than the competition. The large 11-inch diameter meter wheels turn around 20 rpm when planting twin-row corn. The Clear Shot II seed tube has also been re-designed to not only remove any obstructions inside the seed tube, but has had the curvature adjusted to provide a dead drop at 5.5 mph. All other brands that we are aware of are designed for speeds of 3.8 to 4.2 mph. Our seed tube allows the farmer to plant faster and more accurately than any other planter available at this time,” McClure said.

Service is also top priority with this meter. Every aluminum housing is machined to precise tolerance; they are measured and inscribed with the date, time and serial number. This information is uploaded to a quality control database. If there is ever an issue, it can be quickly identified and corrected. Seed disc change out is no effort at all, simply unsnap the composite rain cover and twist the center locking knob 1/8 turn to release the seed disc. Lastly, Great Plains has designed the durable seed brushes to be easily serviced by turning the two ¼ turn latches with a common flat blade screwdriver.

This advanced metering system singulates corn, soybeans, sunflowers, milo, cotton, small edible beans, sweet corn and encapsulated sugar beets. It combines accuracy and simplicity to provide the most advanced meter available.

For additional information, contact Great Plains Manufacturing Inc., P.O. Box 5060, Salina, KS 67401; 785-823-3276,

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