More run-ins with HSUS

We have had a lot of great comments since I posted Lori’s tale in “Moon over Licking County” from others who have had run-ins with HSUS paid signature gatherers. I have heard about incidents at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Fairfield County, public libraries, gas stations and even the Bellevue Community Days festival. Police were called in some cases, but there have been no arrests and only civil (though sometimes heated) confrontations. Thanks for standing up for what is right in your communities and for all of your great stories (see some below). Unfortunately, it sounds as if HSUS has probably gotten their necessary number of signatures for an issue on the November ballot.

From Kim Lemmon, OCJ managing editor:

So this time it is not a second hand story. I was approached today – Friday, June 25 – at the Mt. Gilead, Ohio Kroger Fuel Pump by an HSUS signature collector.

He nicely came up and said, “Are you a registered voter in the state of Ohio?”

And I let the guy have it.

I said, “Hey! If you are are collecting signatures for HSUS to put an issue on the November ballot then YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

He looked kind of pale and then admitted that he didn’t care about the issue and that he was in his words ” a mercenary” hired to collect signaures. I then told him that made it even worse because he was actually supporting and issue he didn’t understand and that was a BIG problem.

I went in and had the Kroger manager paged. He was eager to help and said he had already run the guy off 3 times. Later, he told me that he told the guy if he didn’t leave he would call the police. I also had a nice chat with my fellow gas pumper and the manager about the issue at hand and was able to educate them about HSUS and even the Conklin dairy issue.

Watch out! They will be around until their deadline June 30. Don’t be afraid to get managers or whatever if you are afraid to approach them yourselves or call your local Farm Bureau members/officers.

Lori – thanks for the inspiration!

From Mel Poeppelman:

My wife was embarrassed as we entered the Bellevue Community Days festival Saturday night.

As we entered, there were two signature gatherers at the front entrance, and I asked the signature gatherers if they were from the Humane Society.  They told me they were, and I told them they were lying to the public while we continued entering the festivities.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone, and told my wife to get us a seat, and “I’d be back shortly”.

I first started interrupting the signature gatherer as they gathered signatures, telling the locals that “I wouldn’t recommend signing that.”  After the HSUS  reported me to the police, I was the bad guy, and told they had a right to be there, and that if I continued “disrupting the peace” I would be asked to leave or be arrested.  I said fine, “arrest me,” but they gave me a stern warning.

So then I went to hand gestures and started shaking my head, “no” as the gatherers approached for signatures.  I was still the bad guy, and told I would have to leave or be arrested. Luckily, a local farmer came to my aid, and then another, and then another.

Then the tide started changing while there was a huddle amid the police, and suddenly I was allowed to continue.

But then, my wife, (who had been watching from a distance at the ticket gate), came up and said I had done enough, and either she was going home, or we were walking in together.

My wife and I calmly walked into the festivities, had a great time, and I personally felt good about doing what I had done.

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