New Great Plains Air Drills

According to Greg Brenneman, marketing manager, “It features twin 82-bushel hoppers that can be used for both seed and fertilizer. This represents an extremely high on-board capacity for a 20-foot air drill, because we were able to combine the capacity of larger air drills with a 10-foot transport width. It is a very high producing drill in a very small package.”

Down pressure is channeled through its hydraulic down pressure system to the 17-inch individual spring-loaded coulters and 15-inch double disc openers to properly create the seed groove.

“The HD opener system is the only one on the market to incorporate a planter seed tube and blade separator in its design, a fact that Great Plains is extremely proud of,” Brenneman said. “We take proper seed placement very seriously and we go to great lengths to preserve our reputation in this area.”

Opener depth is controlled by the T-handle at the rear of the opener and is adjusted in 18, ¼-inch increments. Other options include: blockage monitors for every row, flat fold markers and variable rate drive.

30-foot air drill
“Larger operators now have the option of purchasing a high-capacity air drill with a 10-foot transport width,” said Daniel Rauchholz, manager of international sales at Great Plains Mfg. “It was a challenge to design a 30-foot air drill that would fold into a 10-foot wide package without compromising performance, yet Great Plains successfully did. Its 3-section design allows the wings to flex 20 degrees up and 15 degrees down, and includes a floating tongue that pivots at the toolbar allowing the unit to flex front to rear as it crosses terraces and uneven terrain. Rear caster wheels allow for narrow turning radius at headlands.”

The 3007HD also includes a hydraulic down pressure system that provides the operator the ability to apply the same amount of down pressure to all rows across the drill. These features ensure the drill both follows contours and places seed correctly.

The 07HD series opener system has 550 pounds of available down force to place seed. The parallel linkage sub-frame transfers weight from the frame to the 17-inch coulters and 15-inch double disc openers through the hydraulic down pressure system. The HD opener system is unique because it incorporates a planter seed tube and blade separator in its design.

“We are known for excellent seed placement and are very proud of our efforts in this drill,” Rauchholz said.
From the twin 100-bushel tanks to the 12 high flotation skid steer tires, no corner was cut in the design of this air drill. All of the components work together for high productivity and proper seed placement. Options include: individual row blockage monitor, 6-inch fill auger, variable rate drive, tramlines and dual side fold hydraulic markers.

For additional information, contact Great Plains Manufacturing Inc., 785-823-3276, or visit

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