New tool for retiring farmers to transition CRP land

The State Executive Director for Ohio’s Farm Service Agency (FSA), Steve Maurer, would like to announce a new program available for retired or retiring owners and operators who are willing to sell or lease Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres to beginning or minority farmers.  The Transition Incentive Program (TIP) provides annual rental payments to the retired or retiring landowners for up to two additional years after the date of the expiration of the CRP contract, provided the transition is not to a family member.  Sign-up for the new TIP program began in May, at your local FSA office.
To be eligible, TIP requires that the retired or retiring farmer:
§  Have land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) that is in the last year of the contract.
§  Agree to allow the beginning or minority farmer to make conservation and land improvements.
§  Agree to sell, or have a contract to sell, or agree to long-term lease (a minimum of 5 years) the land under CRP contract to a beginning or minority farmer by Oct. 1 of the year the CRP contract expires.
“The program was created by Congress in the 2008 Farm Bill in a bid to help beginning and minority farmers get over one of the biggest hurdles they face – finding affordable land,” said Maurer. “Ohio has approximately 32,826 acres expiring from CRP over the next two years.”
To learn more about program, producers interested in applying and participating in TIP should visit their USDA FSA county office or to read the TIP Factsheet visit: .

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