Ohio Dairy Producers Respond to Video

The recent release of a graphic video allegedly taken at an Ohio dairy farm has generated volumes of comments on the Internet.

The Ohio Dairy Producers Association/American Dairy Association Mideast (ODPA/ADA) released a statement regarding the release of the footage by Mercy For Animals.

“Ohio’s dairy farmers are firmly committed to responsible care of our cows and calves and to ensuring their complete well-being at all times.  The willful abuse of the animals shown in the video footage is clearly unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“Furthermore, the actions shown in the footage absolutely do not reflect how Ohio’s dairy farmers as a whole care for their cows and calves.  Our farmers have a moral and ethical obligation to provide excellent care of our herds every day, and they do so, because it is the right thing to do and it ensures they can continue to produce safe, wholesome, quality milk and dairy foods.

“Ohio’s dairy farmers follow a number of state and national programs that establish best practices for how cows and calves are cared for on our farms.  These programs include guidelines for housing, nutrition, disease prevention, and veterinary and preventative medical care.

“As representatives of Ohio’s dairy farm community, we take this situation very seriously, and we absolutely condemn the mistreatment of animals that took place on this farm.  We support a thorough and swift investigation of this matter with appropriate disciplinary actions to be taken.”

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