State lawmakers educated about corn’s economic impact

From left to right: John Davis, Rep. James Zehringer, Sen. Karen Gillmor, Rep. John Domenick, Gary Davis, and Tadd Nicholson met on the Davis Farm in Delaware County.

On the heels of planting season, the Ohio Corn Growers Association (OCGA) hosted an education and awareness event about the economic significance of the corn industry for agricultural committee members of the Ohio Statehouse.

“We addressed real issues at a real farm,” said Tadd Nicholson, OCGA director of government and industry affairs.

On June 16, OCGA welcomed Senate Chair Kirk Schuring-R, 29th District; Senate member Karen Gillmor-R, 26th District; House Chair Rep. John Domenick-D, 95th District; House Ranking Minority Member Rep. James Zehringer-R, 77th District and several legislative aides to Delaware County corn farmer John Davis’ family farm.

Several issues such as technology, sustainability, corn-ethanol development and agricultural assistance were discussed. Corn supply was also addressed.

“There’s no truth to the food versus fuel debate,” said OCGA Executive Director Dwayne Siekman. “Corn farmers are producing an abundance of corn, using less land to meet national and international food, feed and fuel demand.”

Corn Production in Ohio

  • Supports an estimated nearly 34,000 jobs
  • Generates $358,045,696 in labor income
  • Contributes $1,457,184,768 to GDP (value-added)
  • Generates $2.1 billion in crop value

“Corn directly impacts Ohio,” said Nicholson. “Participating legislators now have a better understanding about its intricate dynamic in our state’s economy.”

OCGA members conducted a panel discussion to answer questions from lawmakers regarding family farming, no-till environmental practices and the importance of government support to the agriculture industry.

To witness the capacity of GPS technology, legislators had a hands-on experience inside tractors and were also introduced to other farm equipment including an on-site nitrogen tank for fertilizer application.

In addition to OCGA President Davis, OCGA board members and several corn farmers in attendance included Mark Drewes, Henry County; Ron Rockhold, Fayette County; Fred Yoder, Union County; Brent Hostetler, Madison County; Anthony Bush, Morrow County; Chad Kemp, Preble County; Gene Baumgardner, Fayette County and Roger Bonham.

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