I got your goat: Matt’s video debut

There is a reason I am a writer and photographer. I have no experience doing on-camera interviews, but someone had to do the interview we needed at the recent Ohio State Fair Wether Goat Show. That someone was me.

I made sure my hair was combed and I did not have any stains on my shirt before the interview. We had my daughter Campbell help do the sound check to make sure we had the mic hooked up to the camera properly. All in all, it was quite an event and the interviews did not turn out too bad, after extensive editing. For the videos, visit the goat show result links at the top of the OCJ home page at www.ocj.com.

My video interview debut! We were in a real pinch for the video we needed from the wether goat show at the Ohio State Fair. None of the professionals could make it and, out of desperation, I had to fill in. After some expert editing by Heather, it did not turn out half bad.

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  1. Hey, I was impressed. I feel like you’ve qualified yourself to fill in on the radio broadcast after this. We definitely owe you an ice cream for taking one for the team!

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