Jr. Fair Lamb Show Results

Photo gallery of the lamb show

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Rachael Overs, DeGraff
Reserve Grand Champion: Madison Banbury, Danville
Third: Taylor Banbury, Danville
Fourth: Audrey Neal, Sycamore
Fifth: Madison Banbury, Danville

Breed Champions:


Grand Champion: Madison Banbury
Reserve Champion: Audrey Neal


Grand Champion: Rachel Overs
Reserve Champion: Jordan Barns


Grand Champion: Mattew Walen
Reserve Champion: Austin Springer


Grand Champion: Audrey Neal
Reserve Champion: Logan Harvel


Grand Champion: Kyle Rowe
Reserve Champion: Colin Gump


Grand Champion: Eric Nichols
Reserve Champion: Christy Wildermuth


Grand Champion: Logan Harvel
Reserve Champion: Morgan Melvin


Grand Champion: Logan Harvel
Reserve Champion: Kaitlyan Stillion

All Other Breeds

Grand Champion: Emily Overs
Reserve Champion: Taylor Harris


Grand Champion: Taylor Banbury
Reserve Champion: Trey Miller


Grand Champion: Colin Gump
Reserve Champion: Logan Harvel


Grand Champion: Rachel Overs
Reserve Champion: Madison Banbury

Lamb Sale Results


Age 9 – Sarah Young, Highland; Age 10 – Jacob Fowler, Guernsey; Age 11 – Jacob Wenner, Delaware; Age 12 – Meghann Winters, Guernsey; Age 13 – Taylor Banbury, Knox; Age 14 – Nick Fowler, Guernsey; Age 15 – Adam High, Union; Age 16 – Zak Avers, Ottawa; Age 17 – Emily Limes, Wood; Age 18 – Amanda Price, Lorain; Overall winner – Amanda Price, Lorain

Record Books

Age 9 – Maribeth Pozderac; Age 10 – Haylee Followell, Clark; Age 11 – Milan Pozderac, Knox; Age 12 – Matthew Wallen, Champaign; Age 13 – Abby Pozderac, Knox; Age 14 – Tristan Heidl, Erie; Age 15 – Hallie Sue Hiser, Greene; Age 16 – Brandi Heidl, Erie; Age 17 – Kelly Guthrie, Marion; Age 18 – Darrell Hague, Washington

Market Lamb Showmanship

Age 9 – 1: Chase Eisenhauer, Huron; 2: Brennen Morman, Putnam; 3: Sarah Young, Highland; Age 10 – 1: Olivia Wood, Clinton; 2: Brock Martin, Huron; 3: Brooke Kline, Ross;Age 11 – 1: Renee Schroeder, Putnam; 2: Emma Newsom, Jackson; 3: Brittany Schaefer, Coshocton; Age 12 – 1: Tara Eisenhauer, Huron; 2: Alison Sprang, Holmes; 3: Matthew Wallen, Champaign; Age 13 – 1: Colin Gump, Miami; 2: Jessica Millenbaugh, Crawford; 3: Logan Harvel, Fayette; Age 14 – 1: Ali Pond, Clinton; 2: Maggie Neer, Champaign; 3: Morgan Himes, Tuscarawas; Age 15 – 1: Delanie Wiseman, Madison; 2: Elysha Thoms, Clermont; 3: Rachel Schroeder, Putnam; Age 16 – 1: Cierra Jordan, Hardin; 2: Mackenzie Fruchey, Fulton; 3: Jordan Marx, Shelby; Age 17 – 1: Mark Wallen, Champaign; 2: Megan Hiatt, Darke; 3: Emily Limes, Wood; Age 18 – 1: Emily Shellhouse, Delaware; 2: Trey Miller, Fairfield; 3: Dylan Newsom, Jackson

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  1. Rachael name is spelled wrong. It would be great if you could change that. Thank you, Beth Overs

  2. Congrats to Matthew Wallen with his
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